Hello All!  

We are excited to once again meet for worship at New Design Church!

To do this, the leadership of NDC has the following guidelines for gathering.  We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines.

  1. Face masks are required for all ages 12 and up – we ask that all bring their own. 
  2. There will be no children’s ministries at this time. Parents are always welcome to have their children with them in the worship service. Should they need, the kids wing is available for parents to bring their children and stay with them.  Designer’s Kids will still be provided online. 
  3. Coffee and refreshments will NOT be provided. Food is not allowed in the building.  You are able to bring your own liquids if you need and we ask you to be sure you handle your own liquids with care. 
  4. Seats are arranged for social distancing.  Please do not sit in any places that are blocked off. 
  5. Small Groups and any other meetings are to continue on Zoom or in another location at their discretion. NDC building is still unavailable.

 Please Note:  If you are feeling sick or uncomfortable attending in person at this time, we encourage and support you continuing to worship online.